Cat Licks Food but Doesn’t Eat

cat not eating only licking food

Cats are very picky eaters, but they will enjoy certain foods. Cats are carnivores and spending most of their time eating mice and hunting can be quite tough on a cat’s system. That’s why many cat foods are higher in meat content than dog food. They love a lot of different types of food, and … Read more

My Cat Can’t Meow Just Squeaks

cat not meowing but squeak

Cats have more than a dozen different vocalizations, and meowing is only one way that they use to communicate with us. They also purr, growl, trill, and mew – the latter of which is similar to meow but not exactly the same. Vocalizations like these are how cats express themselves and tell us what they’re … Read more

At what Age do Cats Calm Down?

when do cats calm down

The cat is very fond of the people who brought it up, but sometimes it has a short temper. At such time, the cat will ignore their masters, and go to another corner quietly. At what age do cats calm down? On average cats calm down between 16 and 17 months If you own a … Read more

Do Cats Eat Bugs?

cats eating insects

Do cats eat bugs? The short answer is yes! “But why would a cat want to eat an insect?” you ask. Cats are carnivores, and insects are only slightly more nutritious than grass or bark. So why do they eat them at all? Because every cloud has a silver lining. You see, there aren’t many … Read more

Kitten Weight Guide

kitten weight guide

Your kitten’s weight and growth is important for their wellbeing, so it’s a good idea to track how much they’re progressing. The best way to keep track of your kitten is to weigh them regularly so that you can distinguish between healthy increases in weight and any worrying losses which could be a sign of … Read more