At what Age do Cats Calm Down?

when do cats calm down

The cat is very fond of the people who brought it up, but sometimes it has a short temper. At such time, the cat will ignore their masters, and go to another corner quietly. At what age do cats calm down? On average cats calm down between 16 and 17 months If you own a … Read more

Do Cats Eat Bugs?

cats eating insects

Do cats eat bugs? The short answer is yes! “But why would a cat want to eat an insect?” you ask. Cats are carnivores, and insects are only slightly more nutritious than grass or bark. So why do they eat them at all? Because every cloud has a silver lining. You see, there aren’t many … Read more

Kitten Weight Guide

kitten weight guide

Your kitten’s weight and growth is important for their wellbeing, so it’s a good idea to track how much they’re progressing. The best way to keep track of your kitten is to weigh them regularly so that you can distinguish between healthy increases in weight and any worrying losses which could be a sign of … Read more

Do Cat Whiskers Grow Back?


the whiskers on a cat’s face are its primary sensory organs. They are as important to the feline as an arm is for a human. whiskers can be found on both the upper and lower lips of cats, but are usually absent in the middle of the muzzle. cat whiskers serve two purposes: 1.) they … Read more

Why is My Cat so Small?

cat not growing

it’s not rare for cats to stay smaller than expected after they are grown up. Normally, cats will only gain weight as they get older. Comparing with people, we usually grow taller and our bodies become more robust as we age. But in general, our weight doesn’t change much. Cats are the same when it … Read more

Do Cats attack Chickens?

can cats attack chickens

Cats are cute fuzzy animals that we love to keep as pets. However, they are still wild animals at heart and are capable of vicious attacks on other animals, including chickens. The natural predator of chickens is the hawk, but there is a huge market for keeping chickens in urban areas where hawks aren’t a … Read more