Can Bearded Dragons Eat Spiders?

can bearded dragons eat spiders

Bearded dragons are omnivores. Hence, these creatures eat both plants and insects. It is the reason behind the ease to keep as a pet. So, can bearded dragons eat spiders? Yes. So long as the eight-legged creepies are not poisonous. However, this should not be the primary source of food for your little reptile. Research … Read more

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Mice?

can bearded dragons eat mice

Raising a great little reptile is a daunting experience. It is something that needs extra care since these captive reptiles are prone to obesity. So, can bearded dragons eat mice? Not really. The primary source of food for these little reptiles are insects and vegetation. Therefore, feeding your captive bearded dragons with meat is not … Read more

Can My Bearded Dragon Sleep With Me?

can you sleep with a bearded dragon

The bearded dragon is a fantastic creature to pet. A lot of people tend to form an unbeatable rapport with these little reptiles. They do not wear emotions on their sleeves like other pets. So, can my bearded dragon sleep with me? Not really. These cold-blooded creatures tend to have strange sleeping habits and positions. … Read more