Why is My Cat so Small?

cat not growing

it’s not rare for cats to stay smaller than expected after they are grown up. Normally, cats will only gain weight as they get older. Comparing with people, we usually grow taller and our bodies become more robust as we age. But in general, our weight doesn’t change much. Cats are the same when it … Read more

Do Cats attack Chickens?

can cats attack chickens

Cats are cute fuzzy animals that we love to keep as pets. However, they are still wild animals at heart and are capable of vicious attacks on other animals, including chickens. The natural predator of chickens is the hawk, but there is a huge market for keeping chickens in urban areas where hawks aren’t a … Read more

Do Cats Attack Rabbits?

do cats attack rabbits

Wondering if your Cat attacks Rabbis then the straight-to-the-point answer is, Yes, your cat attacks rabbits, but not for the reasons you might think. You see, your sweet little pussycat is not a vicious monster like you may have been led to believe by some well-meaning animal shelter worker or knowledgeable neighbor. She does not … Read more

Do Cats Protect Their Owners?

can cats protect their owner

As cat owners, we hope to develop strong relationships with our feline friends. However, many of us wonder if our cats are loyal to us or if they’ve just simply grown accustomed to living with us. Recent research has found that cats not only form close bonds with their owners, but they also behave differently … Read more