Cat Licks Food but Doesn’t Eat

cat not eating only licking food

Cats are very picky eaters, but they will enjoy certain foods. Cats are carnivores and spending most of their time eating mice and hunting can be quite tough on a cat’s system. That’s why many cat foods are higher in meat content than dog food. They love a lot of different types of food, and … Read more

Do Rabbits and Hamsters Get Along?


Hamsters and Rabbits are different. They have different appearances, different habitats, they eat very different foods. A hamster is a small rodent that is kept as a pet. A hamster generally has a long body and short legs (which makes it appear to be stout). The tail is hairy and scaly. It has large cheek … Read more

Do Rabbits Fart?

do bunnies fart?

Don’t be embarrassed, we’ve all asked this one at some point. Of course, the answer is yes – rabbits fart, they just do it in a different way than other animals and you don’t often see them do it because they usually expel their gas through their mouths. Do rabbits Fart? Rabbits generally fart during … Read more

Why Does my Dog Avoid Eye Contact

Why Does my Dog Avoid Eye Contact

Why does my dog avoid eye contact? This is a question you may be asking if you are reading this post. There are a number of reasons that this can happen and in this article, we will do our best to get into these. In short, your dog will avoid eye contact with you because … Read more

Can Dogs Eat Yellow Rice?

can dogs have yellow rice

Can dogs eat yellow rice without any negative consequences? It’s not everything that human beings eat that is safe for dogs. As a matter of fact, some of the foods we consider a part of our diet can be quite toxic to dogs and in some cases fatal. Certain spices are not suitable for consumption … Read more

Why is my Dog Licking the Air

why is my dog licking air

“Why is my dog licking the air?” This may be a question you have been noticing your dog’s newfound behaviour. What exactly does it mean and is it something you need to be worried about? When your dog or pup takes on a new behaviour that seems odd to you, it is something that can … Read more