Do Guinea Pigs Like Music

guinea pig music

The owners of guinea pigs have to take care of several things. Their liking for music can be one of these aspects. I have collected some information in this regard by spending some time on the internet. I am writing this write-up to share the information I have collected about do guinea pigs like music? … Read more

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Olives

can guinea pigs eat olives

Olives, which are actually small delicious fruits, are consumed by both humans as well as animals. They belong to a group referred to as drupes which are likewise called stone fruits. You will come across various types of olives at present, and most individuals prefer green or black variants. In case the question arises whether … Read more

How to Make A Guinea Pig Cuddle Cup

making guinea pig cuddle cup

A cuddle or snuggle cup is a hand-made, reversible, premium bed for your guinea pigs that features a comfortable and stable design. They are made of batting or stable fill in the walls of the cuddle cup. This makes sure that the walls are upright and they provide adequate support required when your guinea pigs … Read more

Why is my Guinea Pig Shaking

guinea pig shivering

While shaking is in general not typical behavior for guinea pigs, it’s not necessarily a sign that something is seriously wrong. Although it can be upsetting when you see it for the first time, you need to find out why your little furry buddy is shaking before you panic. A shaking guinea pig can scare … Read more